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Beloved by over 25 million loyal fans since 2011!

MOGA is back with an exciting new chapter! The great Zodiac has become mysteriously misaligned and now it's up to you to set things right. Train with top Tamer Reina! Team up with brilliant astrologer Noor! Visit familiar lands and venture to unexplored corners of the world! Recover the twelve long-lost relics, return them to their rightful place on the Zodiac Islands, and restore balance to the Galaxy. Your story starts here…

▶ Battle!
Put together a top-tier team!
Make the most of your Moga's elemental affinities!
Pick the perfect placements for your Moga on the battlefield!
Take on fellow Tamers in the Arena. Rise through the ranks and reap the rewards!

▶ Tame!
Moga have always been the beating heart of the game!
And now they're NFTs, this is your chance to take true ownership of the ones you tame!
Meet Moga on your journey, come across them in the Capture Dungeon, or get them from the Gacha!
Purchase special Genesis Moga Blind boxes and participate in events to acquire even more!

▶ Earn!
There are endless opportunities to earn while you play! The more time you spend in the game, the more you'll make!
Get GGM Points by logging in daily, clearing levels, completing tasks, defeating the dungeons, fighting in the Arena, earning achievements, selling equipment and materials on the Marketplace, digging in the mine, and more!
Exchange your Points for GGM at a rate of 1:1!

Make your mark on the Marketplace!
Sell extra equipment and Moga to increase your earning potential!
Buy what you need to get further in the game!
Trade with fellow Tamers and strengthen the community!

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Release date
Jul 20, 2022
Single player

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