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Game overview

Tapwar is Monsta Infinite's turn-based, MMORPG, card game featuring Blockchain technology. Compete for leaderboard rank using strategy and unique actions to gain points.

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Engage in an epic battle against your friends or foes with the MMORPG turn-based card game of Monsta Infinite, and prove your worth as the undisputed champion of the Monsta Universe. Experience the next level in gaming technology with the revolutionary Tapwar, which employs the cutting-edge Blockchain technology to bring you ultimate gaming satisfaction.

Take on the challenge of this strategy point-based card game that requires you to accumulate points as the key to your success. Compete with other players to climb the leaderboard and earn wonderful rewards with our six unique features that unlock various actions like Tap, Multicast, Soul Steal, Heal, and Firewall. These features allow you to gain more points, take away points from your rivals, and enhance your ranking.

Unleash your full potential by using the Tap and Soul Steal to outsmart and steal points from your competitors to rise higher in the rankings. Gain strength and power by stealing Soul points and bring down the ranking of your adversaries. Remember, the more you play, the more reward you will reap!

Tap into your daily routine to receive points and unlock new and exciting cards without having to pay a single penny. Unleash the ultimate gaming experience determined entirely by the number of points you possess. Play regularly to earn more points and make it count!

Team up with friends to increase your score and win with ease. Add your friends and help each other with the Heal card to strengthen your team's performance and climb the leaderboard.

Get ready to climb the ladder and compete with other players to achieve your place in the Top 1000 ranking. Challenge yourself to collect Soul Points and fill up the Summoning bar to summon the might of the Monsta ancestors for your battles in Runewords.

Take control of your game by customizing your username that reflects your personality and identity. With the Heal card, you can heal your team members while easily surging your Soul Points and move up the leaderboard. Unlock the Multicast to gain additional multipliers to boost your Soul Points per game.

Make the most of the Tap card by unlocking it to stealthily steal scores from your foes and scale up the leaderboard. Use the Firewall card to block Tap and Soul Steal attacks and safeguard your Soul Points. Fill up your Shield to reduce the damage as much as possible and protect yourself from attacks.

Meet your new power-packed ally, Soul Steal, which enables you to relish the thrill of snatching away more Soul Points from your enemies before commencing the game. Use it wisely and watch as your competitors fall prey to your unmatched gaming skills.
Monsta Infinite
Release date
Mar 25, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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