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Momentum: turn-based, real-time action roguelite. Choose a perfect weapon to synergize with unique relics and defeat the Lost King. Unlock new relics and difficulty levels.

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Momentum is a thrilling roguelite that blends turn-based gameplay with real-time action, requiring both strategic thinking and quick reflexes. Your success depends on your ability to choose from an array of weapons that pair with unique relics to create the ideal build. Defeat the elusive Lost King by making your way to the end of the game with a winning strategy!

Some of the features include:
A mix of turn-based and real-time combat
Explore turn-based combat by selecting an attack each turn, taking into consideration attack speed, momentum cost, and different attack effects. In real-time combat, you must parry the enemy's attacks with perfect timing, and on your turn, you can chain multiple attacks together in real-time!

A variety of unique weapons
Choose your attacks from four different weapons during each run, each with their distinct playstyle!

Relic Synergy
As you embark on your journey, discover unique relics that complement both your arsenal and weapon, resulting in various strategies.

Unlock New Relics
Unleash new, powerful tools to enrich your gameplay experience in future runs!

A Legendary Beginning
After defeating the game, you will unlock additional difficulty levels that bring in new features, relics, and enemy moves - an undeniably legendary beginning.

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Release date
Sep 30, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

Momentum | My Second Game (Unity)shortjustin
Can a MLB Pitcher Strike Out D1 Softball Girls...UNDERHAND?!Momentum
Wenn EA völlig offensichtlich in dein Spiel eingreift ... (Scripting / Momentum / Gameplay FIFA 21)Jibi
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