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Modern Ludo

Game overview

Modern Ludo is a visually enhanced mobile game variant that challenges players to destroy enemies and fly their planes to the center.

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Modern Ludo, unlike the traditional Aeroplane or Flying Chess, has undergone some modifications in the game rule to make it suitable for mobile devices and to provide more excitement. The game features a remarkable graphical effect that makes it even better than before.

Embark on a challenging mission to destroy your enemies using bullets, but be cautious and ensure you do not roll number six more than three consecutive times.

Here are the rules of the game:
1. Roll the dice to determine the sequence of play.
2. On rolling an even number, the player can lift their airplane, and when they roll a two, they are allowed to lift one airplane, four lifts two airplanes, and six lifts three airplanes.
3. A player is only allowed to move one airplane at a time.
4. If an airplane lands on a circle of the same color, you can leap over another airplane that belongs to you.
5. When an airplane lands on the same color airplane path, it starts flying.
6. An airplane that lands on a square already occupied by an opposing airplane destroys the latter.
7. An airplane can destroy any number of opposing airplanes. This means you can use one airplane to destroy as many as four enemy airplanes.
8. All enemy airplanes that have been destroyed return to the airport.
9. If a player has all four airplanes landed at the center, they win the game.
10. When a player rolls a number six, they earn a bonus turn, but if they roll number six three consecutive times, all their airplanes go back to the airport.

Experience the unique thrill in the 3D version of Ludo and Aeroplane Chess. Get set to launch into the adventure on your mobile device with the Ludo 3D game, available for download on the App Store.
Oscar Tsang
Release date
Jun 14, 2011

Gameplay & Streams

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