Modern Fighting: Fighting Game

Modern Fighting: Fighting Game

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Game overview

Modern Fighting: Intense one-on-one battles against skilled opponents. Choose from diverse fighters, stunning graphics & effects, upgrade and customize. Multiplayer mode available. Train, fight, become the champion.

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Get ready for a thrilling combat experience like never before with Modern Fighting - the ultimate mobile fighting game. Get into the ring, choose your fighter & battle against skilled adversaries in heart-pounding, one-on-one fights. Master your skills & become the champion of the arena.


Intense One-on-One Battles: Brace yourself for non-stop action-packed combat as you take on skillful opponents in fast-paced one-on-one battles. Unleash precise attacks, execute powerful combos & exhibit your fighting techniques to conquer the arena.

Diverse Fighter Roster: Select from a vast range of proficient fighters, each with unique fighting styles, special moves, and abilities. Discover their strengths, weaknesses, master their moves & find the fighter that best suits your gameplay.

Stunning Graphics and Visual Effects: Immerse yourself in visually stunning, high-definition graphics that breathe life into the fighters and arenas. Spectate jaw-dropping special moves, dynamic animations & explosive visuals that make every battle a spectacle.

Upgrade and Customize: Earn rewards, unlock new fighters & upgrade their abilities to unleash devastating combos and unlock powerful special moves. Personalize your fighter's appearance with a range of skins, outfits & accessories to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Multiple Game Modes: Test your skills with various game modes, including story mode, arcade mode & challenge mode. Engage in thrilling battles, accomplish unique objectives & unlock rewards as you make progress in each mode.

Intuitive Controls: Experience agile touch controls that empower you to execute precise attacks, blocks, and special moves with ease. Master the impeccable timing and execution of your moves to outmaneuver your opponents and attain victory.

Multiplayer Showdowns: Challenge friends & players worldwide to intense online multiplayer battles. Climb the global leaderboards, participate in tournaments & triumph as the best fighter in the world.

Training and Practice: Sharpen your skills and learn new techniques in the training mode. Practice your moves, learn advanced combos & perfect your timing to become an unstoppable force in the arena.

Modern Fighting offers an immersive combat experience that will keep you hooked for hours. Are you prepared to enter the ring, unleash your power & emerge as the ultimate champion? Download Modern Fighting now and exhibit the world your fighting expertise!
1Race Games
Release date
Jun 09, 2023

Gameplay & Streams

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