Mission Zero

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Mission Zero is a 2v4 stealth game featuring intense hide & seek gameplay, where players must blend in to avoid being hunted.

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Get ready for a thrilling game experience with Mission Zero, a competitive stealth game that takes you on adrenaline-pumping missions. As either an invader or a chaser, you must use your skills to blend in and complete your mission while facing off against your opponents from Sirius or Mobius. With cross-platform play on iOS, Android, and PC, players can expect a suspenseful cloak-and-dagger operation like no other.

In Mission Zero, successfully completing missions requires acting skills and expertise in utilizing the environment to your advantage. Disguising yourself as a VIP, janitor, or any other character that blends seamlessly into the crowd is crucial to achieving success. But can you see through your opponents' disguises and determine who's who?

As an agent, you'll travel the world to carry out top-secret missions, collecting crucial information as one of four invaders while avoiding detection by two chasers. But don't think it's going to be easy-competition is fierce as both sides race to complete their objectives.

One of the most exciting aspects of Mission Zero is the ability to pick your chaser. With a variety of chaser ability combos, including the Flurry of Fists, Master of Magic, and Rampage Girl, there's sure to be an option that's perfect for you.

Cool technology and equipment can be used to your advantage in creative ways. Trick and slip your opponents with inventive equipment combos, and decide whether your best chance of victory is in the thrill of the chase or in a coordinated confrontation.

Get in on the action today with Mission Zero. Learn more by visiting their official website or following them on Facebook, Discord, or YouTube.
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