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In Missileman, you're a man on a missile destroying enemies using precise aim, upgrade your missile with EXP, and beat each Zone's unique boss.

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Missileman is an exciting 2D shooting game that will have you cruising through its 16 captivating stages across four challenging zones with your missile-powered character. You will engage in high-speed scrolling action that requires your utmost precision to target and take down enemies. Your missile is your primary weapon in this adventure, and you have the opportunity to earn XP and upgrade it to be even more potent.

In this game, you will face various obstacles, including walls and other barriers that will scroll by at breathtaking speeds. However, with your skills and accuracy, you will overcome these challenges to come out victorious. With 24 unique skills to choose from, you can craft a strategy that aligns with your playing style in each playthrough.

The four zones in Missileman are remarkable, with each zone comprising four procedurally generated stages, which guarantees that you will never play the same game twice. Every zone has different adversaries, characterized by their patterns and design, all built around the boss of each zone.

Buckle up and launch off in your missile to blast off the enemies in your way, advancing through the different zones to finally take on the game's ultimate enemy, The Eye. Get ready for a fast-paced, thrilling adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Good luck on your mission!
Shinnosuke Ohashi
Release date
Jan 30, 2017

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