Missile Command: Recharged

Missile Command: Recharged

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Game overview

Missile Command: Recharged is an action-packed mobile arcade game where you must defend your base from an endless barrage of missiles, featuring new power-ups and global leaderboards.

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Missile Command: Recharged is a modern take on the timeless classic arcade game that guarantees frenzied, fast-paced action, where players need to guard their base by obliterating an infinite onslaught of missiles that rain down from above. Hone your skills by launching counter-missiles to defend your base and target powerups to get the upper hand at critical moments. Missile Command: Recharged is perfect for fans of the original game and for a whole new generation of mobile gamers yearning for quick and pick-up-and-play, arcade-style fun.

Electric Boost:

Don't just focus on intercepting missiles - set your sights on brand-new powerups to increase your survival rate, with defensive measures, silo repair or unleash an explosive screen-clearing blast.


An innovative powerup system that converts your winnings into upgradable gameplay features, giving you an advantage and helping you attain the highest scores.

Aim High:

Join the global online leaderboards and battle for the top spot as the ultimate missile commander, striving to achieve and maintain superiority.


Continue to challenge yourself and strive to overcome increasingly difficult missions and unlock the toughest achievements.

Get Enhanced:

Maximize your gameplay to its fullest potential by exploiting the new augmented reality feature that allows you to project your game onto a virtual arcade machine, propelling your missile destruction to all-new heights!
Release date
Mar 26, 2020
Single player


uper Gamer 22
uper Gamer 22from Skich app
This game isn’t good at all but it’s not bad 😀👿...

Gameplay & Streams

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