Miriam: The Escape

Miriam: The Escape

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Explore strange dreams in Miriam, solve puzzles & escape 24 creatively designed stages while avoiding light and obstacles. Surreal indie arcade-adventure game.

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Embark on a thrilling journey through the peculiar dreams of a young girl when you play Miriam, a game that presents challenging stages where black and white, and light and shadow create uncanny obstacles that you must overcome. Get ready to use your cognitive skills to solve intricate puzzles and escape the never-ending lucid dreams that await you.

This game boasts a mesmerizing combination of arcade, adventure and puzzle that seamlessly blends together, offering you a compelling and immersive gaming experience. The physics-based gameplay is incredibly realistic and fluid, allowing you to delve into each stage without any setbacks. Maneuver effortlessly through the dark areas, while avoiding obstacles and light that can impede your progress.

Use your analytical and cognitive skills to solve the intricate puzzles and find the escape key in each room to complete the 24 creatively-designed stages. Take on the challenge of the elements, such as liquids, stones, boxes, and balls that you must overcome to survive and progress. The art-like polish of the graphics is incredibly elaborate, using the Unity engine to create a visually-stunning, 3D animation that immerses you in an imaginative and innovative level design.

The intuitive one-touch controls, driven by arrow keys and a jump key, are all you need to navigate through each stage. The surreal and immersive audio-visuals create a highly captivating experience that tantalizes your senses, while you explore Miriam's world of dreams, fate, horror, darkness, and evil that exists within one's psyche. Indeed, Miriam is a top-performing arcade game and adventure game that you should download and play right away. So, step into the world of dreams and see if you can survive the challenges of Miriam.
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