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Game overview

MIR M is a classic MMORPG with unique content and systems, such as growth specialisation through Mandala and economy through profession and Hidden Valley Captures.

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Experience the vast continent of Mir with MIR M, a new MMORPG that combines classic gameplay elements with innovative features. Enjoy the isometric viewpoint and 8-directional grid, along with stunning artwork that immerses you in the world of Mir. You'll encounter Avatars, Companions, Mounts, and Mandalas, all designed to enhance your character's appearance, stats, and abilities.

With the mid-game comes Mandalas, which allow you to customize your growth path, and Professions, which help you hone your unique talents. Additionally, clans enable you to engage in combat along with other players. The end game is marked by wars, such as Hidden Valley Captures and Castle Sieges, which determine the best clan.

The spring event is here, with Companion/Avatar Summoning Tickets and Party Dungeon Event Chests for rewards. Clear dungeons with other players to earn various items and take advantage of Mir's Fast Breakthrough, which provides Skill Tomes and Mandala enhancements.

In MIR M, strength is not the sole measure of growth. You can walk the path of a hero, dominating the battlefield, or pursue mastery in gathering, mining, and fishing. The Mandala growth system is a new feature that offers countless possibilities for customizing your character's stats and abilities.

Take on other players in the Rumble Battle or prove your skills in the Clan Battle. The gameplay has an economy that revolves around Professions and Street Stalls, where players can boast their skills and order enhancements from experienced players.

Finally, the Hidden Valley Capture ignites wars among powerful clans who fiercely compete for the rights to tax the Darksteel resource.

Don't miss out on the endless possibilities available in MIR M. Contact support@wemade.com for additional help.
Wemade Co., Ltd
Release date
Jan 27, 2023
Open world

Gameplay & Streams

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