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Game overview

Join MIR 4, the K-Fantasy MMORPG. Train, grow, and battle against demons and players. Choose your path, and become the strongest Clan in Castle Siege.

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Join MIR 4, a unique Korean fantasy MMORPG with an open world where you can train your characters and make them stronger, leading them to triumph in countless battles. As a player, you can become a king and your clan can gain absolute power and honor if you win the war.

In MIR4, different growing systems allow players to achieve strength through their effort and dedication. Small details can make a difference, and the key to winning wars is not just being strong, but also having excellent strategy in the growth system and war tactics.

You will face powerful demons and the strongest players on the server, always bracing yourself for conflict and enduring challenges to experience endless growth. As a player, you get to decide if you want to live a peaceful life through hunting and gathering or wage war against other clans to conquer over all. Your choices will decide the path and destiny of your warrior.

The game features an elegant style of oriental martial arts combined with real-time fluid combat motions and offers a variety of activities to master, such as hunting, gathering, and mining. Each action you take within the game will reward you with character growth, and your time and effort spent in-game will never go to waste.

MIR4 features a sophisticated AI system that identifies and prevents bot farmers and abnormal transactions, providing players with a healthy and safe trading environment. Moreover, the game has an unprecedented Free-for-All looting system where anyone has the right to claim loot, so be aware of others when attempting to loot!

Various adventures and activities in MIR4 will handsomely reward you with Blue Dragon Statues and Tokens of the Ancient Dragon, collected to trade for heroic items. The Castle Siege feature will enable players to compose an epic story through countless battles and overcome their limitations, facing the challenges of life and death alongside their clanmates.

Start your conquest now and write your story in MIR4, where the strongest clan will be born! Check out the official site and Facebook page for more information. For providing a quality gaming experience, MIR4 requires permission to access the photo album and camera for capturing and uploading images to the in-game profiles, as well as the microphone for instance party voice chat.
Wemade Co., Ltd
Release date
Aug 24, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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