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Game overview

Build a shelter and defend against zombies, recruit survivors and pets, explore dangerous lands, and collect resources in Mini Survival.

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Start your day with a sense of normalcy only to have the sudden zombie outbreak change everything. Your once friendly neighbors are now vicious brain-hungry monsters, and the bustling city has turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. To ensure your survival, build high walls and facilities, plant fruits, and vegetables, and create a safe haven for other survivors.

The apocalypse is a tough place to survive, and with many others still fighting for their lives, building a restaurant or hospital in your shelter will provide them with food and medical attention, while also earning you money. Recruit survivors to manage the facilities and keep upgrading to attract even more survivors!

The silence of night is unnerving. When you’re asleep, the zombie brigade approaches your shelter, sounding the alarm to help alert you of the impending zombie wave. To defend your home, build sentry towers and put powerful companions on them, ready to take on the zombie horde. Upgrading the towers and companions will increase the damage they inflict on the zombies!

Each survivor has a unique set of professional abilities and combat skills, from cooking to rescuing to fighting. Place them in positions that best utilize their skills or add them to your combat team to assist with resource collection and zombie fights. Remember to upgrade them to make them even more powerful!

Collecting resources and upgrading your facilities requires exploring at least 4 different islands. Be aware that the unknown regions are dangerous, so bring teammates along for protection. Watch out for zombies, and if you can’t beat them, run away and live to fight another day!

To cook and upgrade your facilities, you’ll need to collect supplies. Unlock farms in the shelter to grow vegetables and fruits, or go fishing. Vegetables can also be collected on your exploring missions. Use the resources to upgrade your facilities and create equipment. A wealthy merchant will also visit your shelter, offering meat and materials for purchase.

The urban fringe, dark forest, forest farm, and city center are all crawling with terrifying zombies and mutated animals, who now have weapons and will attack you collectively. Beware of the zombie bosses, as they are incredibly strong and difficult to kill. Wear great equipment, take medicine, and travel with companions to protect yourself in the wild.

Cute pets are also a part of the game, and you can train and feed them. Each pet has unique skills, so take them with you when exploring dangerous areas for additional help!

Mini Survival is a casual game that blends simulation and battle gameplays. It's extremely playable, with over 80 types of zombies and monsters that have been given cute and cartoonish appearances, unlike traditional scary and bloody zombies. Join the world of Mini Survival and find a way out in the apocalypse, while creating the most prosperous shelter!
Release date
Oct 07, 2023
Single player

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