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Minesweeper with advanced AI, hints, undo, customizable interface, stat tracking, and daily challenges. Every board is solvable. No guessing.

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Minesweeper, a classic game that everyone loves, could be quite challenging as you don't want to risk a 50/50 guess. However, we have good news for you as Mineswifter has a unique feature; it removes guessing by using an advanced Minesweeper AI. Before the game starts, each board gets evaluated to ensure it is solvable. This way, you dive into the game and navigate boards, without getting stuck in the middle of the game.

Mineswifter has a sophisticated and sleek interface designed for your gaming pleasure. You can customize your preferences from background colors to your gameplay. That means you can tailor the game to your liking, which works great with split-screen and also on an iPad with a mouse.

The game isn't always sunshine and rainbows-every board is solvable, but some are more challenging than others. Therefore the game has a hint system which uses the power of the Minesweeper AI to guide you and show you precisely which part of the board is solvable next.

In case of any accidental clicks on the mine, don’t worry, as every board is solvable, there are no game overs. You can merely undo the moves by clicking the undo popover and continue playing. Mistakes would cost you ten seconds, but you can always continue from where you left off.

The game keeps track of your progress and rewards you for it. The primary statistic tracked in Mineswifter is a perfect game, whereby you complete a board without making any errors or using hints. You can keep trying to beat your perfect streak, the store under stats.

Mineswifter also offers daily challenges that can be completed within a few minutes. The daily challenges cater to both new and experienced players. You can compare your performance with others worldwide by checking your stats. Therefore, Mineswifter is not only exciting but also challenging, educational, and rewarding.
Bonzai Games
Release date
Jul 28, 2020

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