Minesweeper: The Clean One

Minesweeper: The Clean One

Dustland Design

Game overview

Minesweeper - Pretty puzzling. A free and offline Minesweeper app.

Presenting you a modern and revamped version of a pure classic - Minesweeper. Besides the clean looks, it's designed to flow effortlessly in your hand with its intuitive play, animations and a variety of themes. With this app, the old familiar and classic Minesweeper has never felt so fresh.

The user interface is minimal and fast - starting a new Minesweeper or continuing right where you left off is just one click away.

With the autosave feature, the app fits purposefully into your daily flow. Just leave the app whenever you want and you can continue off from the exact same place later. You can resume your games with every difficulty level separately.

So there you go. Choose your favorite colors and begin your smooth and elegant journey through endless amount of Minesweeper puzzles.

Highlighted features:
- Clean look and feel
- Selecting themes during gameplay

More features:
- Secondary input with a long click (usually for inputting flags)
- Changing the interval of long tap
- Autosave
- 5 difficulty levels
- Top times
- Works offline
- Satisfying animations


EULA: http://dustland.ee/minesweeper/eula/
Privacy Policy: http://dustland.ee/minesweeper/privacy-policy/
Dustland Design
Release date
Jun 13, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

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