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Game overview

Minabo is a social simulation game where you walk through life with your turnip, building relationships, and making choices. No two lives are the same.

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Minabo – A journey through life is a game that simulates social interactions. As the player, you walk down the path of life alongside a growing turnip, whose growth will depend on its social relationships. Your life starts when the turnip sprouts, and every step you take accounts for time. You are in control; set your pace at any time. The game revolves around your interactions with other turnips as it shapes your turnip's personality. The weaknesses and strengths you acquire will influence your future interactions. By maintaining healthy relationships, you can form a robust social circle, which you must take care of. At the same time, you must stay away from unhealthy and destructive relationships. You can also adopt various radish-pets and spend your life with them, start a family and breed little turnips, or live recklessly and die young. There is no correct way to live; you live as you want and enjoy the consequences of your decisions when you rot.

With constant interactions, maintaining social relationships and thriving in them can be challenging. But, Minabo – A journey through life offers a unique feature, collectible hats that each produce different effects when worn. They include falling in love quickly, earning people's hate, getting an elegance increase, or changing your life expectancy.

The game has thousands of scenarios, and every life is unique in its way. When a turnip's life ends, the game generates a summary that you can share with your friends. You can also go back in time and explore different scenarios and make choices, wondering how your life would be had you taken another path.

The game features 25 quests with dozens of goals that make each life challenging. There is also a free mode where each life and character are randomly generated. You will explore interpersonal relationships and build your social circle, all based on realistic relationships that are counseled by psychologists.

The visuals in Minabo – A journey through life are appealing and suitable for all audiences. There are charming characters with hundreds of animations, and the game has seasonal backgrounds.

In conclusion, Minabo – A journey through life is a unique game that will allow you to experience life through a turnip's growth. There are limitless possibilities, and every decision you make can impact your turnip's life in different ways. You can explore different life scenarios and share a summary of your life with friends. The game will challenge your social skills and offer a different experience every time you play.
Release date
Jan 31, 2024
Single player


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