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Prepare for endless warfare and kingdom conquest in Million Lords. Command and customize your troops, follow an RPG-like skill tree, and dominate other kingdoms.

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Enter the epic battlefield of Million Lords, where lords are prepared to conquer and reign. The battle for the kingdoms is relentless - one lord's triumph today may lead to their downfall tomorrow. With dominating strategy being the key to conquest, every move counts.

In Million Lords, each lord lays out their own battle tactics to advance and expand their territory. Every kingdom has its unique strategy as well, only the wisest and strategic lords shall succeed in their quest for domination. Each lord and kingdom aspires to reign supreme.

With an RPG-like skill tree, Million Lords offers an unprecedented gameplay experience where every lord hones their war skills, every kingdom prepares for domination. Their unending competition shapes the destiny of kingdoms, facing the incessant conflict with undying passion.

Indulge in the thrilling spectacle of expanding cities within your kingdom, experience the power of conquest firsthand, and recognize the gravity of wars in the pursuit of domination. Forge alliances, craft and execute foolproof strategies in the company of fellow lords. With kingdoms falling and lords uniting, the air resonates with the spirit of conquest.

With customization options that allow you to prepare your army, gear up for war, and claim victory without mercy, Million Lords is the ultimate conquest simulator. As each new season dawns, the kingdom is engulfed in a fresh war and a renewed battlefield with more kingdoms to conquer.

In Million Lords, lords lead their kingdoms into glorious battles and witness the conquests that never cease. Every battle is a landmark for the lords, who constantly strive for domination. With Million Lords, you stand to experience the thrill of the endless war of kingdoms, where the destiny of a land is rewritten every day.
Release date
Sep 11, 2019



Fun until it's not

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Gameplay & Streams

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