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Live an unrepeatable daily life with shrine maidens in this Wafuu x Ayakashi x Bishoujo game app. Battle to purge evil spirits with the power of gods.

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Mikono-to Hare Tokidoki Kegare" is an invaluable story that depicts the unique daily life shared by a shrine maiden and the protagonist.

-Living under one roof with a shrine maiden-
When the main character wakes up, he finds a girl named "Yumi" who tells him that she is a shrine maiden serving at the shrine. With no memories and nowhere to go, the main character is taken in by her kindness.

◆ A strange story of Japanese-style fantasy, yokai, and beautiful girls game app ◆
Suddenly, a great disaster befalls them... a battle between shrine maidens and curses. The fragile, peaceful "daily life" is shattered, and they must fight to defeat curses. The shrine maidens are burdened with a strange destiny. Were their irreplaceable days with the main character only temporary? Where is the truth of this world? Can their bond with the shrine maidens change their destiny? This is a story that seeks to find the answer to what true "daily life" is.

◆ Characters - Beautiful 3D and illustrations ◆
Fascinating, unique shrine maiden girls, the mysterious alchemist "Doctor J," the "shinki" (divine weapons) of Japanese mythology, like Izanami and Amenouzume, the enemy curses and yokai/nekomata are all portrayed vividly.

◆ Star-studded Cast ◆
To give color to the attractive daily lives with the shrine maidens. Starring Suzaki Aya, Lynn, Shinohara Yu, Kubo Yurika, Ohashi Ayaka, Onishi Saori, Okitsu Kazuyuki, Higashiyama Nao, Kobayashi Yuu, Sakura Ayane, Yūki Aoi, Seto Asami, Suzushiro Sayumi, Uchida Maaya, and many more.

◆ Battle - Mechanics and Beautiful Girls ◆
The battle scenes are depicted in realistic 3D! Host the power of the "kami" and eliminate curses.

◆ System - Cute Girls? Moe Characters? Yokai Girls? ◆
Customize your room and outfits as you please! Deepen your bonds with the shrine maidens and discover new pages from their daily lives.

◆ Recommended for those who...◆
-> Love games (social games).
-> Are looking for new and fresh games to play.
-> Are looking for games that are in event, campaign, or collab mode.
-> Want to focus more on illustrations in unique art styles than the usual RPG or SRPG (Simulation Role Playing Game) conventions.
-> Want to play an action game alone instead of games that require two or more players.
-> Play a wide range of games, from Strategy to Auto-battle, War, Love, cultivation games.
-> Find online games more interesting than offline games.
-> Rarely play simple games such as Othello, rhythm games, and card games.
-> Love Historical and traditional settings and culture.
-> Prefer games where Shinto occultism, Shinobi, are anthropomorphized than games featuring magic spells and Dungeons & Dragons.
-> Seek games featuring divine beings from Japanese mythology.
-> Enjoy old legends and stories such as Norse mythology and history.
-> Want to enjoy adventure in a Japanese-style fantasy world.
-> Prefer modern Japanese-style fantasy featuring Oni or amorous Nekomata to Western fantasies featuring the Dragon King or Princess.
-> Want to enjoy a cute girl's game.
-> Want to record memories of everyday life with cute girl characters.
-> Love cute moe girls in anime and figure forms.
-> Want to dress girls up in outfits such as cat ears and maid costumes.
-> Enjoy games in which you raise beautiful girls to become school idols or princesses.

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