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Own the battlefield, craft gadgets, and collect heroes in this action-packed battle royale featuring explosive weapons and exciting abilities.

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Experience the ultimate in an action movie-inspired battle royale game and dominate your opponents in Mighty Action Hero! Enter a chaotic world filled with fierce mercenaries where your mission is to be the last one standing and create mayhem along the way. Dodge bullets, hurl grenades, and even call in a chopper to aid you in destroying your competition. Once you accomplish that, bestow chaos-inducing gadgets, and unlock perks to upgrade your collectible heroes.

Lay waste to your enemies with Hero Abilities! Utilize a thunderous Flying Kick to take down an enemy as if crashing through a wall. Use the earth-shattering Charge Attack to flatten your foes' courage, and leave them quivering in their boots. Use the Dash ability to move at the speed of light, and the Dodge Roll to evade certain doom.

Get stronger, faster, better through Daily Quests. Conquer these quests, ranging from colossal damage to taking down a horde of enemies with a helicopter to receive numerous rewards, including game-changing Perks, enabling you to optimize your hero's abilities and gear to deal out crushing damage.

Unleash the full potential of your hero by learning Perks that suit your fighting style. Use the mighty Steel Resolve Perk to boost your armor, making you effectively bulletproof, while the Close Quarters Perk can counter low health enemies by dealing damage at close range. If you're in need of chaos, then use the Technician Perk to rain grenades on your enemies. Fulfill quests amidst the chaos of battle, gain experience points, and elevate your hero to greater heights.

Bring the fight with an arsenal of epic proportion! Use high-powered weapons such as the handcannon, automatic shotgun, and sniper rifle that can make short work of your enemies to level up your Kill Streak and increase your chances of winning. Dominate the battlefield by mastering each weapon and using its unique attributes to destroy everything in your path.

Craft Gadgets to turn the tide of battle! With a dozen types of grenades to choose from, it's your job to find the correct P.A.R.T.S and coolant to craft these spicy balls of destruction. Succeeding in your attempts will reward you with valuable Boomdust, and sometimes, you might even get lucky and create a legendary grenade!

Collect your heroes and gear and become the ultimate Mighty Action Hero! The game offers a range of collectible heroes; slap on more perks onto them, allowing you to release an unprecedented level of destruction. Craft deadly items to strike fear into your rivals, and keep competing on the battlefield for rewards, raining down like riches. Drop by the shop to restock on crucial crafting resources, rare gadgets, and the most audacious heroes you can imagine.

Get in on the high-octane action and be a Mighty Action Hero!
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