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Might and Glory: Kingdom War

Game overview

Build a castle, lead an army of heroes, and participate in guild wars to gain magical resources, defeat enemies, and become the overlord in Might and Glory: Kingdom War.

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Might and Glory: Kingdom War is an enchanting online strategy game that will capture the heart of every gamer who loves magical kingdoms and epic battles. The game allows you to build your extraordinary castle, recruit fearless heroes and engage in exciting guild raids while using your swords and mystical powers to conquer other players.

In this game, you must lead your kingdom to prosperity and become the ultimate conqueror of the continent's magical resources. With magnificent castles and enchanted nature infused with the magic of the world, you'll engage in some intense fast-paced battles that are presented in stunning high-quality HD graphics that will rouse the emotions of even the staunchest mobile strategy game fans.

As the war rages on, you must fortify your castle by surrounding it with unbreachable walls and indestructible protective structures. Harness the potent spells of your powerful warlocks, engage in wars with other players, destroy their castles and loot their resources. Form unstoppable guilds with other players and compete in tournaments after evolving, attacking, and conquering in this world.

The game is incredibly simple to play, yet each battle presents a unique challenge. Upgrade your armies and buildings, create impervious defenses and efficient attacks that will leave your enemies crushed. Train your Warlock and Warrior heroes to help you conquer the world with their deadly swords and powerful spells. Uniting with other players under common flags to create powerful guilds that engage in cooperative plans to overwhelm your enemies while participating in guild raids and building guild defensive structures together.

The high-quality HD graphics of this game, and its unique features create an eye-catching and thrilling gaming experience. With its reliable internet connection requirements, Might and Glory: Kingdom War truly deserves a rating of five stars!

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the game's support team at

Please note that READ_PHONE_STATE permission is required for the game to save your progress. In case the game is lost or deleted, you can always restart it and restore your progress. The device identifier is used solely for this purpose and nothing else.
Release date
Sep 02, 2015
Single player

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