Meteor Hunt Idle

Meteor Hunt Idle

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Game overview

Join the crew to mine meteors, fight space pirates, build a base, and earn trillions in this space adventure.

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Would you like to join our team to explore the endless universe and make a fortune beyond measure by mining meteors? Embark on this journey with us and enjoy the thrill of building your own base, while fighting off space pirates in the process, and witness as your wallet gets fatter than the moon.

Playing is a breeze! Just swipe your screen to catch the meteor and engage in battle with the pirates that may cross your path. Gather a generous amount of resources and money to expand your space business and secure your place among the stars.

Our game boasts an array of features that are absolutely free and entirely absent of any invasive advertisements. Explore numerous planets, upgrade and personalize your ship with a variety of beautiful designs, all presented with smooth gameplay and impeccable art design. Immerse yourself in this galactic world of ours with the added level of detail brought by the great sound effects.

What are you waiting for? Download now and start your journey to become the ultimate space entrepreneur!
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