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Game overview

Multiplayer adventure meets roguelike in "Metaverse Keeper", where interdimensional heroes collect chips, conquer levels and fight the twisted demon lord in randomized dungeons.

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Metaverse Keeper" is a thrilling multiplayer action-packed game that mixes rogue-like elements to bring immersive gaming experience. Together with your team, you will fight against an array of monsters, explore the depths of the demon lord's fortress, and gather resources to build your character's prowess and enhance abilities. As the game progresses, the intensity of the challenges escalates. You'll encounter distribution of limited resources, environmental pressures, and more powerful beasts, which guarantees an exciting game every time!

Get Ready for Unknown Challenges in Randomized Dungeons
The demon lord's twisted power changes the layout and atmosphere of his fortress every time you enter the game. With randomized dungeons prepared in advance, you would face new challenges at each level.

Become Interdimensional Heroes & Save the World
Meet different interdimensional heroes, each with their own story of how they saved the world in their timeline. When a mysterious organization brings them together to save the world from the Demon Lord, it marks the beginning of another great adventure. These agents are chosen for their unique abilities, entrusted with the responsibility of restoring order to the timeline.

Collect Chips & Unlock Incredible Abilities
You'll find chips scattered throughout the dungeons. Each chip you collect would enhance your hero's abilities. When you combine specific sets of chips, you'll unlock extraordinary abilities that you never thought you could have. The real challenge lies in exploring the mysterious chip vending machines to find more unknown chips.

Master Diverse Weapons in Randomized Combinations
Choose from a broad range of weapons with different functions and characteristics. With random affix effects, you'll get to experience unique and surprising equipment combinations that could make you unbeatable.

Online Co-Op Play - Together We Fight, Together We Win!
Don't fight alone; invite up to three other players to join the adventure and fight side by side. Unlike the single-player mode, you have the luxury of being less error-prone because you can spend resources to save each other's lives and defeat your foes.

What's the Backstory behind “Metaverse Keeper?”
Noah, an ancient civilization that could foresee the future, once created a magnificent civilization. Fearing that their civilization would vanish in the long run, a Noah created a temporal distortion, bringing together all civilizations and timelines in one dimension to avoid its destruction. However, this plan didn't work and instead posed a far more significant threat: The current Noah, now known as the Demon Lord. To save each timeline from the Demon Lord's influence, heroes from varying timelines must defeat the Demon Lord and restore order to the timeline. Play "Metaverse Keeper" and immerse yourself in an incredible world of action, adventure, and fantasy!
Release date
May 30, 2024
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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