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Fight giant alien mutant insects as a powerful Steel Ranger with a great variety of deadly weapons in this synthwave soundtrack game.

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Get ready to experience the retro vibes of 1980's sci-fi action movies and games with Metal Ranger - a 2D shooting game that will leave you yearning for more. As the lead character of the game, you will don powerful steel armor and fight giant alien mutant insects using your agility and an extensive range of deadly weapons. These armaments include the M134 Minigun machine gun, plasma gun, flamethrower, laser gun, grenade launcher, and assault rifle; select wisely to suit individual missions.

Embark on your journey in a Martian colony's factory compound, working your way through industrial underground vaults and narrow metal walkways and onto a futuristic city with an edgy cyberpunk ambiance. The game features various missions, and players earn coins for completing them and can use those coins to improve health and armor. Defeat bosses like a huge armored slug and a gigantic spider, who will fiercely challenge your Metal Ranger abilities.

With neon signs illuminating your path, halos highlighting the lights, and metal ramps and walkways all around, the game's synthwave soundtrack brings back the memories of the golden era of video games, amusement arcades, and VHS tapes. The game features eight levels that are playable without internet access, two-player co-op multiplayer, difficulty levels that increase with every passing mission.

Metal Ranger is not just another shoot 'em up platform game. It's an ode to a bygone era and a testament of love. Authentic 3D locations, atmospheric 80s electronic music, and smooth performance on all devices give it an edge that sets it apart from its competitors. Start your Metal Ranger adventure today and experience a nostalgic and thrilling journey through time.
Albert Zig
Release date
May 07, 2018
Single player