GamesMermaid Secrets12 - Heartbreak Love Story

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Help Mermaid Mia avoid Kim's traps while preparing for a picnic with her crush. Stop Kim from revealing mermaids' secrets in this underwater adventure.

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A high school boy named Eric has asked Mermaid Mia to go out on a picnic, but before the date, you must give her a mermaid princess makeover. However, the mean girl Kim is stalking them, so be cautious as you never know what she will do! In a shocking turn of events, Mermaid girl Mia was pushed into the water yet again. What's worse, a mermaid has been caught in a net! Your mission is to save the innocent sea creatures now. Surprisingly, Kim wants to post a video of Mermaid Princess Mia, but fear not, you can stop her and save mermaids from this exposure! It's time to stand up for Mermaid Princess Mia and fight against Kim's arrogance.

In the world of Mermaids Games, Kim has collected fish scales of mermaids to figure out a way to find the mermaids' secrets in the library. Shockingly, a book has revealed the hidden secrets of a mermaid princess. Kim has come up with a plan to push Mermaid girl Mia into the water again to expose these secrets. Meanwhile, Eric has asked the lovely mermaid girl out for the picnic, which is very exciting! But first, you need to give her a mermaid princess makeover before the date. Eric has also gotten a gift for Mia that he made himself, which is quite sweet. In Mermaid Games, you will fall in love with the cutest boy and have the best date ever! You might even get your first kiss...

However, the mean girl in high school is still following Mermaid Mia, and it is vital to watch out for her as you don't know what she'll do. Mia gets pushed into the water yet again, but this time, she's caught by a net in the lake. The danger is real, and you must save her and all the other mermaids right now! To make matters worse, Kim wants to post a video of Mermaid Princess Mia, but you can help stop her. Can you delete the video? No worries! Help is here. The underwater world is full of adventure, so be the real mermaid princess and enjoy the best mermaid games for girls ever!

We at JoyPlus are passionate about creating fresh mobile content for all ages. Our digital adventures entertain, challenge, and engage families worldwide. Visit our website or follow us on YouTube to discover more exciting games. If you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available 24/7 via email. Download Mermaid Girl games now for free and jump into a world of underwater wonder and love!
Release date
Apr 12, 2018
Single player


Mermaid Secrets12 - Heartbreak Love Story by JoyPlus Tech ( Premiere Version)JoyPlus
Mermaid Secret 12 Heartbreak Love Story English Cartoon SeriesWonder World Cartoon TV
Mermaid Love Story Games โ€“ Official VideoLove Story by Webelinx Games
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