Merge Survival: Wasteland

Merge Survival: Wasteland

Sticky Hands Inc.
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Game overview

Merge Survival: Wasteland is a post-apocalyptic survival and merge game where players create survival materials and build a safe shelter while exploring hidden locations.

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Welcome to the post-apocalyptic world where you need to survive! Are you ready for the challenge? As one of the survivors, I have been wandering to find a shelter in this world full of chaos and despair. But I cannot do it alone. Will you help me in my quest for survival?

In "Merge Survival," you can experience living in a world destroyed by pollution and disasters. Merge abandoned resources to create various survival items and tools. Complete quests and merge other items to help build a cozy shelter for Eden. Learn the importance of resource recycling and complete your item collection.

Experience the story of encountering other survivors, conflicts, and the struggle to live together. Explore the post-apocalypse world and find hidden locations to build your eco-friendly camp. Recycle your resources and acquire special materials in your production facility.

Strategically collect survival essentials such as water and oxygen to increase your chances of survival. Are you a fan of survival and merge games? If so, then start playing "Merge Survival: Wasteland" today! Build your safe and cozy shelter and merge your way to survival.

For stable game progress, we request permission to access memory. If you need assistance or support, please contact us through our customer support settings or join our official Facebook page. Let's survive together in this post-apocalyptic world!
Sticky Hands Inc.
Release date
May 15, 2023

Gameplay & Streams

Merge Survival : WastelandMerge Survival : Wasteland
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