GamesMerge Squad : Random Defense

Merge Squad : Random Defense

Game overview

Summon and merge heroes to defend the Soul Stone in a tower defense battle against monsters. Enhance skills and equip gear for success.

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Unleash your strategic genius and merge fearless heroes to triumph over tower defense battles!

Venture forth, adventurer! The once-peaceful lands of Wonderland are now besieged by darkness. In order to safeguard the Soul Stone from the malevolent demon king, you must act fast!

Be our guiding light in this turbulent realm plagued by persistent throngs of monsters that threaten to overwhelm us all!

* This app is currently in Early Access status, but all your game progress will be saved once the game is officially released.
* We may rebalance the gameplay and make content adjustments prior to the official release.
☞How to play
1. Summon at random: Use the gold you've earned from battles to summon a brave champion.
2. Merge to evolve: Combine heroes of the same type to upgrade their tier.
3. Your task is to defend the Soul Stone from hordes of monsters invading from the tower line.
4. Pick your heroes with care, adjust their positions and thwart the unspeakable foes targeting the Soul Stone.
5. Choose your heroes wisely and empower their abilities with tactical upgrades.
6. Outfitting your champions with superior gear can tip the balance in your favor.

☞Game Tips
* Lady Luck plays a role in summoning and merging heroes. Be prepared for the unexpected!
* If fortune does not bless you, sometimes it pays to be fearless and start anew.
* Sharpen your strategic instincts and nurture your heroes' latent abilities to their full potential!
Release date
Jul 13, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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