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Adventure through memory-filled worlds with twin guides & unique characters in full-auto RPG Memoria! Build strategies, challenge quests & aim for the top.

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Embark on a thrilling adventure together with the adorably cute twin guides in search for your lost memories across different worlds! This is a strategic full-auto RPG game where you must determine each unit's attributes, species, roles, abilities, and features to create the perfect team to take on quests. With a three-line field and enemy placement, determine the timing and placement of your units to build your own unique strategy to overcome various challenges. Once you receive rewards, use them to upgrade and reinforce your units to face even stronger enemies, and aim for the top!

Prepare to encounter an array of distinctive characters such as a carefree hero who loves fluffy things, a mermaid princess who dreams of becoming a captivating idol, a young lion who admires the best warrior in the grasslands, a fiery demon strengthening the royalty, a cute top agent battling intergalactic rogues, and more future characters!

The story begins in the drift town of "Coral" where a boy named Yura who has lost his memories is guided by mysterious twin guides. Together they set off on an exploratory journey revolving around Yura's lost records. As they meet various people from different worlds, memories turn into new, unforgettable experiences. The story of the memories engraved on Yura is now coming to life.

Prepare yourself for an adventure full of diverse memories and exciting new worlds!

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◆System requirements
・Android 8.0 or above

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