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Embark on a heroic quest to help the residents of Megis Island in this open-world pixel RPG filled with dungeons, monsters, and over 100 quests!

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Welcome to "Megis Adventure" - a pixelated open-world role-playing game! You'll begin your journey on a remote island and set out on an epic quest to complete various tasks, conquer dungeons, defeat monsters and enemies, all in the hope of aiding the inhabitants of "Megis Island".

With numerous features, you can explore this thriving open-world game, visit various locations, buildings, talk to NPC's, venture to the surrounding islands and zones, and much more! You can battle and overcome fierce monsters, explore dungeons, navigate through traps, and bosses, which will keep you constantly engaged.

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime by completing one hundred quests and choose your favorite play style by building your talent tree, with twenty-seven options available to customize your character. You'll strengthen your character by leveling up, mastering professions, unlocking passive bonuses and upgrading your equipment.

As you progress, you can gather resources by chopping wood, mining stones, and fishing over a hundred different types of fish! You can purchase numerous items and consumables, and as you progress, new items become available.

The storyline of "Megis Adventure" is rich and engaging, immersing you in a fantasy world full of beautifully designed pixel art that evokes warmth and nostalgia.

Are you ready to start your epic journey into the open-world RPG of "Megis Adventure"? Then jump right in and experience an exciting adventure that will never bore you!
Megis Chest
Release date
Dec 16, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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