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Venture into the digital world of Mega Man X DiVE, featuring classic Mega Man action with over 100 characters and an all-new original story.

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■■ Warning ■■
Before purchasing or using the app, please read the notices on "Regarding Purchases" and "Supported Devices" below.

--- Experience an entirely new twist on the Mega Man X franchise in Mega Man X DiVE's offline version! ---
Get ready for thrilling side-scrolling action as you take control of legendary characters like X and Zero to defeat different forms of Irregular Data in the digital world of Deep Log. The game data within Deep Log has become fragmented due to an unknown bug, and with the help of RiCO, a mysterious navigator, you'll need to restore this data back to its former glory.

- A Classic Action Experience
Jump, dash, shoot, and swing your saber just like you did in the Mega Man X series. Featuring 360 degree aiming and an auto-lock function, you can play the game just the way you want it. Moreover, you can customize and place the touchscreen controls wherever you want to match your unique playstyle.

- Over 100 Fan-favorite Characters
Collect and level up your favorite characters, including those from earlier Mega Man releases. Mega Man X DiVE features a combination of original and remodeled designs, giving you a wealth of new content to explore.

- Hundreds of Stages to Explore
Dive into an all-new original Mega Man tale, as you follow the Hunter Programs through various levels of difficulty. Destroy your enemies, acquire new moves, and upgrade your Hunter Programs.

- Boost Your Character with Weapons, Chips, and Cards
Equip your characters with weapons and items to make them even stronger. By upgrading your weapons, you can increase their power and unlock new skills.
Cards featuring classic illustrations can also provide performance enhancements as you develop your ideal Hunter Program.

【Regarding Purchases】
Please note that we cannot offer refunds or exchanges once the app has been downloaded. We apologize for any inconvenience.

【Supported Devices】
Please check the following URL for a list of compatible operating systems and devices supported by this app.

Note: Although you can install this app on devices or operating systems not listed as compatible, the app may not function correctly. We cannot guarantee or offer refunds for apps downloaded on unsupported devices or operating systems.

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Release date
Aug 03, 2023
Single player

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