Mega Business M: Business World

Mega Business M: Business World

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Experience the world of commerce in ancient Asia. Build your empire with trades, alliances, and a team of mercenaries. Become the wealthiest merchant!

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Get ready to experience the lifestyle of a wealthy merchant in the first business mobile game of 2022, called "Merchant M: The World of Business," which is authorized by the number one IP game in Korea, "Merchant." Set in the 17th century amidst the chaos of the Korean Peninsula, Honshu, Zhongyuan, Formosa, and the Western Regions, your journey to become a successful merchant begins through trading and commerce. You will venture to other countries, expand your business, engage in cross-regional trade, and build alliances. Step by step, you'll become the best merchant in the world in this captivating storyline.

In this game, which is deemed as a level 15 game for users 15 and up, you'll manage everything from pawn shops and inns, to drug stores, and taverns. The idea is to operate smartly in the free market, attract customers, grow your business, and eventually become known as the greatest merchant in the world! Joining forces with local business associations will help you expand your network and create strong ties with other like-minded entrepreneurs. By conducting honest business and working together, you'll maximize your profits.

Travel the world, explore new countries and cultures, and earn a great deal of money along the way. You'll have the chance to buy and sell property wherever you please, becoming an ancient real estate tycoon. With over a hundred skilled mercenaries at your disposal, you'll be able to muster a team of talented individuals that will help you in your quest for wealth and prosperity. These talented soldiers have unique skills and abilities that will create outstanding value for your team.

Building relationships with beautiful women can bring you long-lasting family happiness and expand your empire. Marrying into other families is a way to grow your business and reach new heights in your career.

The game is straightforward and easy to play and also offers offline earning potential, allowing you to earn double digits in revenue while you sleep! Please remember to take breaks in between gameplay to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Though you can purchase virtual game currency items within the game, it is free to play. Be entertained and be the best in the trading industry with Merchant M: The World of Business.
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