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Become a Medabot master in this free-to-play RPG card game where you assemble your own team and fight in turn-based PvP battles with unique card abilities.

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Step into the thrilling world of Medabots, and start indulging in action-packed card battles with your own personalized robots. Immerse yourself in an exceptional adventure with RPG elements where you create your bots with various parts and collect cards; assemble a team of powerful robots with diverse abilities, and compete in a turn-based PvP card fight.

As a player, you have to devise your own strategy to beat your opponents in the battle. You can collect cards and Medaparts, and think critically to maximize your robots' strengths, depending on the situation. Are you ready to dominate in the most epic RPG card game? Don’t hesitate any longer and join the Medabots world now!

You have the freedom to assemble your own team of robots, with three interchangeable families, allowing for endless possibilities. There are three types of cards available to work with: Attack, Defense, and Power. You can use these cards in whichever way is best suited to your strategy, but only the best RPG players can create the best robot cards that will lead them to victory.

Don't worry if you're not fond of card fighting games. Medabots is a distinctly diverse RPG card game that is easy to learn, and you can start playing right now and enjoy the thrilling PvP robot fights for free!

Medabots offers a variety of fun modes to test your strategy and card fighting skills. Adventure mode, a story-driven experience with 30 levels, gives you an opportunity to bag exclusive Medaparts for your robots and build the most powerful Medabots team to conquer the league. Multiplayer mode enables you to fight with three Medabots in the same card fight against players worldwide and collect exclusive rewards. In the limited-time League mode, you can rank by the number of card battles you win, aiming to climb the global ranking and earn exclusive rewards. In training mode, you can test your robot card deck and robots’ combos in this turn-based battle game.

Medabots is based on a play-to-earn system. You can earn enough robot parts with the PvP card battles, allowing you to be competitive in League mode without spending money. The more RPG fights you win, the more Medaparts and Cards you will earn, allowing you to improve your robots and card decks. You can challenge your friends in the Duel mode for free, which further accentuates the F2P-friendly nature of Medabots.

With stunning graphics and stunning animations, Medabots promises an immersive experience. You explore ALTERBATTLE environments and enjoy marvelously rendered Medabots and parts, from massive platform ships traversing the wastelands to workshops with MASSIVE robots. You'll even witness jaw-dropping special Medabot Power attacks! So, what are you waiting for? Download Medabots now, and embark upon the most thrilling RPG adventure this year!
Release date
Jul 17, 2022
Single player

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