Mechanic Escape

Game overview

Escape the ruthless machines and save your friends in this hardcore, platform game. Dodge deadly traps, fight bosses, and defy your reflexes in 80 levels.

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In a world where machines have taken over, a group of resilient TVs in a stronghold stand up against the persecution. You find yourself alone and in need of resources, prompting you to take action and reunite with your lost comrades in a battle against extinction.

Enter the dangerous world of Mechanic Escape, a thrilling platform game where the hero, Mech, must endure infernal chases to locate his missing friends. Cannonball launches, high-voltage areas, and dodging deadly robots are just a few of the obstacles you will face, with bosses hot on your trail to prevent your success.

Created to challenge even the most seasoned players, Mechanic Escape will put your reflexes to the test. Get ready for an exhilarating adventure that combines rhythm and fun!

With 80 levels and a hardcore game mode, Mechanic Escape boasts an original universe that players will love. Unlock achievements and optimize gameplay with external controllers and Android TV support.

Don't just watch TV, play it with Mechanic Escape, developed by Slak Games and optimized and published for mobile by Playdigious. Follow us on social media at and
Release date
Dec 09, 2015
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Mechanic Escape Gameplay (PC HD)Throneful
Mechanic Escape (iOS/Android) Gameplay HDTechzamazing
Mechanic Escape - Прохождение. Часть 1: The Factory. Уровни 1-1 - 1-20Virtuozila Game World
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