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Become the strongest Mecha Head and conquer the League, train your corps, defeat the evil forces, and win the honor! #MechaHeadLeague

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Welcome to Mecha Head League, the ultimate battleground brimming with infinite strategies for victory! Take charge of a stunning fleet of Mecha Head characters, ready to take down opponents and conquer the League. Lead your troops to triumph through a combination of fortitude, cunning, and heart-stopping power.

Engage in scintillating battles against 2048 fierce challengers with your army of elite Mecha Heads. The Supreme Champion of the League not only holds the bragging rights but also gains the right to demolish the evil forces. The Kingdom's survival is on the line, and your expertise will be the deciding factor.

The fate of the civilization is in your hands, Commander. Join the fray and collect precious treasures on your path to dominance and victory.

It's crucial to form and train the most robust Mecha Head Corps possible.
Choose from a vast selection of Super Mecha Heads, the core of the fleet with incredible powers that will dominate the competition.
Merging Mecha Heads brings forth more formidable creatures who will fight alongside you.
Synergizing Mecha Heads will provide diverse and unique abilities for your army.

Unleash your fearless side and lead your Corps to victory in the Mecha Head Kingdom through conquering the League. Demonstrate your tactical prowess by outmaneuvering other Commanders in demanding battles for keys and awards. Join the powerful forces and become an irresistible force to reckon with worldwide.

The keys to succeeding in Mecha Head League are to defeat the evil forces and emblematic Commanders and be awarded the Badge of Honor. Rise in rank by defeating opponents and proving your worthiness, all while showing your superiority as an elite Commander.

Contact our Customer Support Team if you run into any difficulties in your path to victory. Enjoy Mecha Head League on any device running Android 5.0 or higher.
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