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Maze Planet 3D

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Explore the stunning Maze Planet Universe, with 45 unique planets to navigate and 25 balls to unlock. Can you find the finish line and collect all the stars?

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Maze Planet 3D Pro 2018 is an innovative game that will take players on a thrilling adventure through magnificent mazes. The game's pro version is an ad-free experience that offers more mazes, improved graphics, new music, and easier gameplay. It is the perfect game for players who want a challenge.

In Maze Planet 3D Pro 2018, players must move a ball through a 3D planet, navigating their way through multiple paths and dead ends. There are 45 unique planets and 25 balls to discover, which will keep players entertained for hours.

Players can choose to play the game in "Find The Key" mode, which involves finding a key located somewhere on the planet to unlock the finish line. This mode requires players to act fast, as time is of the essence. Alternatively, players can opt for the normal mode, which is more relaxed, but they must hurry if they wish to attain all three stars.

Unlocking new planets and balls requires stars, which players can earn by completing mazes and challenges. The game offers two ball control options: touchpad and tilting the device. Players can switch between these options either in the settings menu or during gameplay.

Lastly, the game's graphics quality can be adjusted in the settings menu for devices with limited resources. If players enjoy Maze Planet 3D Pro 2018, they are encouraged to rate and leave feedback to help the game's developers improve the experience. Good luck, and have fun!
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