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Endless labyrinth levels, minimalistic design, character themes and power-ups to collect coins, and global rankings. Maze Forever is a never-ending puzzle challenge.

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Delve into an endless maze adventure with Maze Forever, which is designed to amplify your puzzle-solving skills and give you hours of entertainment. Immerse yourself in the game's minimalist layout, which allows you to concentrate on the puzzles while still admiring their beauty. In every stage, golden coins are scattered in various spots, and you must collect them to unlock unique characters or maze themes. Compete on the global leaderboard and showcase your puzzle-solving skills to the world. If you think you have what it takes to excel in the game, why not give Maze Forever a try?

The first Labyrinth that was built to keep the Minotaur prisoner in Greek mythology was so well-crafted that anyone who entered it had only a slim chance of escaping. Maze Forever brings the fabled maze to life and adds a new dimension to the game: Limitless Mazes. Conquer one puzzle and move on to a more complex one, with no end to the maze's levels. Try Maze Forever if you think the Greek labyrinth was challenging.

The following are some of Maze Forever's features that will leave you captivated:
▶ LIMITLESS LEVELS. The labyrinth puzzle consists of an unlimited number of unique levels. The game's mazes never repeat; instead, they become more intricate, allowing you to practice your puzzle-solving abilities while replaying any previous level.
▶ UNDERSTATED GAMEPLAY. You can guide your character through the maze and locate the exit by tapping the screen or using the device's accelerometer, while also collecting all obtainable coins. The gameplay is engrossing and challenging, with beautiful labyrinth puzzles and a minimalist design.
▶ CHARACTERS AND THEMES. Discover 14 distinct characters, ranging from comic-style faces to mustached ones, or change the maze theme with one of the 11 vibrant ones, once you have collected enough coins.
▶ POWER-UPS. Use power-ups to solve more difficult levels. Hints can assist you by displaying directional arrows to help you find your way, Trails will help you to retrace your steps to your last point, Speed will improve your movement speed, and an increase in View Range will grant you a larger view of the maze.
▶ GLOBAL PLAYER RANK. Improve your score by collecting all coins and solving puzzle levels faster. This will allow you to compete against other players on the leaderboard and compare your ranking. Challenge your friends by linking your Facebook account.
▶ WISDOM QUOTES. Solve every maze and unlock special scrolls with quotes from famous people that are shareable. You'll also collect coin bonuses by unlocking them.

With Maze Forever, you will be swept away on a never-ending journey of labyrinth puzzles that become progressively more challenging and addictive. Invite your friends for a game of quick maze solving by linking your Facebook profile, making Maze Forever your own social labyrinth puzzle. Install it today for a fantastic puzzle-solving experience.

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Eery Lab
Release date
Nov 16, 2015

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