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Mass for the Dead

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Experience new stories beyond the original anime with strategic turn-based battles, special character events, and immersive RPG elements featuring a star-studded voice cast.

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MASS FOR THE DEAD" is a role-playing game that showcases a brand new original storyline, supervised by the original author of the "OVERLORD" light novels, Maruyama Kugane. The game boasts of an exceptional world-building that revolves around Suzuki Satoru, a busy businessman who reminisces about his past adventures in the popular online game "YGGDRASIL". However, when the game's servers shut down, he is unable to log out, and finds himself trapped in a collapsed world with nothing but the remnants of the once-majestic Nazarick tomb and the bodies of the guardians. Players are tasked to survive this world, take on dangerous quests and embark on a journey of growth with the skeletal Magic Caster, Hishuumouse.

The game incorporates a strategic turn-based command system that will test players' tactical abilities and reflexes. Players have to use the different attributes of their skills and techniques based on the situation to tackle different challenging levels. You can band together with up to three other players to challenge more challenging enemies in the game.

Interacting with the characters and fighting alongside them will result in a boost of intimacy level, from which players can unlock exclusive character-specific storylines. The intimate storyline allows players to experience a unique perspective of the Nazarick tomb and the characters that inhabit it. Do note that not all characters have an intimate storyline.

The game boasts of an impressive lineup of voice actors, including Yuki Kaji, Ayane Sakura, and Mamoru Miyano, bringing the characters to life with their talent.

Experience "MASS FOR THE DEAD" now! The game is available for free download, but do be aware that there are in-game purchases for virtual game currency and items. Players should manage their time correctly and avoid excessive gaming. Please note that the game contents include violence, horror, and sexual themes and are advisable for individuals aged 12 and above. Stay updated by visiting their official website and social media pages.
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