Maskonauts: Chat'Attack

Maskonauts: Chat'Attack

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Game overview

Maskonauts: Chat'Attack - a unique game where Twitch chat activities influence your gameplay, collect bonuses, beat bosses, earn points and unlock upgrades.

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Step into the cockpit of your Maskopod to engage in a real-time battle against the forces of Twitch chat! Withstand a deluge of text and Emoticodes while also facing down waves of enemies. During battles, be sure to collect bonuses and attempt to defeat the Blockbossters in order to save the Maskotios!

Interact with Twitch chat as everything you type appears in-game! Each channel generates a unique game level and content, including a singular boss with varying enemies, music, and color schemes. The intensity of chat activity and the number of spectators will affect the level of difficulty presented in each stage. Higher activity can result in greater obstacles and enemies, though it also means more bonuses are available to collect!

Different characters and emojis found in chat will trigger specific bonuses, such as the appearance of a ❤️ for a red heart emoji and random bonuses with the "!" and "?" symbols. There are plenty of others to discover!

Collect as many Emogems as possible to increase your score and quickly eliminate bosses to earn additional Maskoins. Use your earned Maskoins to gain upgraded abilities, Maskopods with specialized weapons, and improved stats.

To attain the ultimate Maskonauts reward, defeat each channel's Blockbosster after surviving all ten waves to earn a boss badge. Interact with other players in the chat to influence their gameplay, just as they can impact yours. Additionally, linking your Twitch account will allow you to play with your favorite channels and unlock additional features.

Supported languages for the menu include English and French. Partial compatibility with Bluetooth controllers is also available. Twitch text message characters and symbols available include Latin, Cyrillic, Bengali, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Simplified Chinese, and Mandarin.

Please note that Maskonauts: Chat'Attack is a game that uses official Twitch API to enable players to read and interact with Twitch channels. It is not necessary to create a Twitch account in order to play and no personal data will be shared. An internet connection is required to use the game, and any costs incurred by it are the responsibility of the player. Maskonauts: Chat'Attack is free to download and play, though in-game purchases are available. There may be ads during gameplay.
quanty bandit
Release date
Sep 18, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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Turn any Twitch chat into a game level! - Maskonauts: Chat'AttackQuanty Bandit
Maskonauts: Chat'Attack - Release TrailerQuanty Bandit
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