Marcianito Go

Marcianito Go

Alex Pi
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Game overview

Uncover martians & catch them with Marciano Balls in this fast-paced game. Use sonar to locate them & collect balls from chests.

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As a copywriter and gamer, you are in for an intergalactic adventure! With each press of the sonar button, one of the energy levels listed at the top of the screen will be used up, allowing you to discover the location of any martians in your vicinity. You can easily see if any martians are nearby by checking the radar screen. Once a martian has been detected, you will be able to capture it by tapping on the appropriate spot on the radar. Your ultimate goal will be to throw Marciano Balls until you see a total of three shakes in the capture screen. It's important to keep in mind that your supply of these balls is limited and can only be replenished by opening nearby chests, which can be easily found using the radar system as well. To top it all off, there are currently 16 different types of martian species to discover! Get ready to embark on a martian-catching journey like no other.
Alex Pi
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