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Choose packs & difficulty levels to create chain reactions. Relaxing, stress-free with no timers or ads. Suitable for all ages.

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Choose from various packs of marbles and three levels of difficulty!

But beware, the larger the chain of marbles you remove, the bigger the new marble that falls will be.

This game is intentionally designed to be calming and free of any stress. You won't find any timers here, you just need to aim to clear the board of all the marbles to achieve the coveted three-star rating.

Even children can't resist the charm of this game. It's simple enough for even toddlers to grasp and enjoy.

You may ask why there is a price to pay for this app. Well, we don't believe in constantly asking our customers to pay for more add-ons. Instead, this one-time upfront purchase enables us to focus on full-time development and provide an ad-free and in-app purchase-free experience. We never add game mechanics to extend the game beyond the point of enjoyment. By purchasing the game once, you gain lifetime access to all future upgrades.

Moreover, we don't require any special permissions to run the game. You can play the game offline with no issues. We neither want to track nor creep out our customers with terrifyingly precise ads.

Creating this game is our passion here at Relaxonome Games Studio.

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Art Credits:
Kenny (Animal Marble Pack) -
Bevouliin (Other Miscellaneous Marble Packs) -
Release date
Jul 16, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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