Mandrake Boys

Mandrake Boys

Supertree Co., Ltd.
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Game overview

Relaxing and easy-to-play game where you become a magical garden's gardener, collecting stories and illustrations of attractive boys, the Mandrakes.

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Welcome to Mandrake Boys, the game that offers a soothing experience to brighten up your day. With 99% of its charming characters being boys, Mandrake Boys is the perfect game to satiate your desire for hot, cute, attractive, and handsome guys. Become the caretaker of a magical garden and meet all these lovely boys!

Unlike other games that require headache-inducing strategies and stress-inducing withering crops, Mandrake Boys is an easy game that doesn't expect much from you. All you need to do is sign in once in a while and tap the flowerpots to nurture your cute and lovely Mandrakes, and they will bring great joy to your life.

Moreover, Mandrake Boys offers an exciting opportunity to collect stories and illustrations of your favorite Mandrakes. Each Mandrake has his own beautiful story. Collect exquisite illustrations of cute boys for every group, and rare illustrations can only be unlocked by collecting rare Mandrakes!

Mandrake Boys is incredibly flexible and can be played in-between other games, while watching TV, during study breaks, or even in bed before going to sleep. The game is perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy a simple and easy gameplay while doing other things. So join the world of Mandrake Boys and brighten up your day today!
Supertree Co., Ltd.
Release date
Aug 02, 2017

Gameplay & Streams

Mandrake Boys - ChoiceSuperTree Games
Mandrake Boys - ExpeditionSuperTree Games
Mandrake Boys - StorySuperTree Games
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