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Collect cute monsters, level up, and battle bosses with unique skills and gear combinations in this auto-earning RPG.

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*Featured on a TV show and played by Mari Yaguchi!*

【Game Features】

・Numerous cute spirits (monsters) to encounter!

・Recruit spirits to build the strongest party!

・Create your very own spirit by combining skills and equipment!

・Earn experience points and coins easily through auto game mode!

・Boss battles transform into full-fledged command battles!

・Plenty of gameplay elements to explore and enjoy!

【How to Play】

・Earn coins and level up your spirits by battling zako monsters.

・Zako battles allow for additional attacks through simple tapping or spamming.

・Boss battles require strategic use of your spirit's skills and equipment to take down foes.

・Inherit skills by combining spirits of the same attribute.

・Develop your preferred spirits with various equipment effects.

・Complete numerous missions to earn diamonds.

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