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Run factories, hire and train workers, automate, collect rewards, and become a billionaire tycoon in this silly work simulator!

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Immerse yourself in the realm of factory business in this clever work simulator game! You start with a single factory and one employee, but hire more workers, construct new buildings, and produce additional goods to ascend to the top of the industry. You're the boss, and even the boss of the bosses, until you face off against the BIG BOSS…

As a business owner, manage your labor force by recruiting and training workers. Not reaching your desired levels of productivity? Try out robots as replacements! Expand your operations by managing multiple factories simultaneously, upgrading your equipment, and crafting even crazier products. If you're feeling lazy, automate this process for passive profits!

Achieve your objectives, make the BIG BOSS happy, and reap the rewards. Unlock the game's full potential by earning all 200+ workers, bonuses, and trophies. Advance through the game levels to prestige and get better workers, improved rewards, and everything in between. Finally, earn as much cash as possible and click continuously to become a factory industry tycoon!

This game boasts some of the most unique and wacky factories of all time, governed by peculiar bosses like circus clowns or medieval kings, who lead and inspire their hard-working employees by motivating them to work hard and productively. Do you have a similar boss? The game employs the positive motivation concept to garner the maximum profit possible. There's no shortage of workers queued up outside your factory gates, waiting for you to hire them. You're their boss, so train them right and recognize your top performers by awarding them golden medals and Employee of the Day awards!

But that's not all – surprise boxes and power-ups add to the excitement. Do you need a quick productivity boost in your factories? Provide your factory bosses with coffee or an energy drink. Nothing motivates your employees quite like a bit of always-essential music. Watch them dance and jam while producing even more! Enjoy the exceptional and vibrant cartoon graphics as you strive to become the most major boss in Make More, a satisfying clicker game appreciated by fans all around the world!

Don't forget to take part in the Time Challenge events held every weekend. Obtain a single trophy to unlock Time Challenges and Product Collection! Contact regarding any game-related issues.
Bad Crane
Release date
Oct 19, 2016
Single player




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I upgraded until I made $61,467,200,000,000 per hour by removing my morality in Make MoreEazySpeezy
I upgraded my factory until it made $2,592,000 per hour in Make MoreEazySpeezy
Make More - All trophy \ All robots \ Level 1000 \ GamePlayVereshchak