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Majotori is a narratrivia game where, if you win, Lariat the Witch grants your wish, but losing brings consequences.

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If you desperately yearn for something, Lariat the Witch may materialize and present you with an opportunity to make your wish come true through winning a trivia game. But beware, if you fail to emerge victorious, the consequences could be dire. How many chances are you willing to waste?

Majotori is an innovative and exceptional narratrivia game that merges interactive storytelling with a quiz game. With a roster of over 25 characters and more than 50 stories, players can choose their own path and witness the story unfold according to their decisions. Moreover, the game features over 1000 intriguing trivia questions across 4 different categories - cinema, animation, miscellaneous, and video games - with customizable frequency of appearance.

As a player, you have the power to determine the arc of the story. However, be warned, if you don’t have enough knowledge of anime, your beloved character might face a tragic demise. So prepare yourself, take on the challenge, and emerge triumphant in Majotori!

For more information on gameplay and instructions, please refer to the following online "readme" file:
Release date
Mar 28, 2017
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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