Majin Island

Majin Island


Game overview

[A Refreshingly Simple Puzzle & Island Renovation Game]

Work has begun again on the mysterious Mystic Islands!
Complete colorful match 3 puzzles to fix up dilapidated islands alongside cute characters!
A fun story and lovable characters full of personality await!

◆A puzzle and management sim perfect for those who:
・Love sim games
・Love simple puzzle games
・Love cute characters
・Love renovating
・Love free games

You're unexpectedly approached by a mysterious cat-like figure called Meowlin.

"Greetings. Welcome to the Mystic Islands.
I'm certain you will find everything you're looking for here.
Make yourself at home, hehehe..."

You arrive on a dilapidated island.

"I heard someone was coming to work part time. It's you, right?
The name's Purrcy. I'm the manager of the Mystic Islands."

Before you appears a cute kitten-like figure named Purrcy.

"Your job is easy! You've just gotta renovate this island.
If you don't do your job well, you can't go back alive.

Who is this mysterious Meowlin and his (her?) cute manager Purrcy?
What are these strange, dilapidated islands?

Unravel the mysteries of the Mystic Islands, meet cute characters, and experience an entertaining story full of dark humor and touching episodes!

◆A match 3 puzzle using colorful pieces.
・Just move the pieces around and line up 3 of the same ones!
・It's a simple match 3 puzzle game that anyone can pick up and play.

◆Try out lots of different stages!
Face a variety of interference mechanics! Pick up tons of coins from bonus stages!
Whether you're a match 3 puzzle beginner or veteran, take on one fun puzzle stage after the next!

◆Experience the thrill of matching booster pieces!

Match booster pieces together to change them into a special booster!
Use this to take out a group of pieces on the puzzle stage all at once!

◆Renovate the islands with unique decorations!
Use Stars obtained from puzzle stages to renovate the islands and make them a relaxing paradise!
Complete renovations to get rewards like coins and items!

◆There are many islands waiting to be renovated.
A summer island, an island of toys, a snowy island, and more just waiting to be discovered!
Even more islands will be added in future updates!
Release date
Aug 15, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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