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Majesty: Northern Kingdom

Game overview

Defend your kingdom in "Majesty: The Northern Expansion", offering bounties and feeding poisoned meat to dragons. 10 hero types, new monsters and spells, 30 upgradable buildings.

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Get ready to embark on a strategic adventure with the free version of this indirect control strategy game, famous for its Majesty - The Northern Expansion roots!

If you're on the lookout for some tips on how to efficiently dispose of a dragon, then look no further. An effective but not particularly noble method is the poisoning of a piece of meat, leaving the targeted dragon without a chance to fight back. Alternatively, you might want to consider offering a reward for the destruction of the dragon amongst the army of valiant heroes, powerful wizards, and other fantastical creatures.

With every member of the dragon tribe possessing an allergy to humans and their abodes, annihilating humans is their preferred medicine. Majesty: Northern Kingdom will immerse you in the process of solving this dragon problem whilst protecting your kingdom from other threats like gargantuan stone golems with exceptional endurance. Progressing through the northern expansion into an icy, snow-covered terrain will unlock new challenges such as the daunting, fire-breathing beasts.

“Majesty: Northern Kingdom”- It’s time to defeat the dragons with your strategic approach!

Majesty: Northern Kingdom features:

• New exciting adventures in Northern Lands
• Legendary indirect control game adapted to mobile platforms
• 10 superhero categories with numerous stats, weapons, and armoury
• Novel monsters
• Global range of spells to choose from
• Upgradeable building types, including 30 different options
• Ever-changing weather conditions to challenge players
• Skirmish mode


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Release date
Jul 09, 2014


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