Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Lost Zero

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Lost Zero

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Magic battle RPG based on the popular novel "The Irregular at Magic High School". Original story supervised by author Tsutomu Sato.

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Attention all gamers! As of July 31, 2021, we will no longer be releasing updates for the 64-bit version of this game. We appreciate your support over the years. However, we have released an offline version of the app which comes with the following features: card collection, community functions, event battles, story viewing, player achievement viewing, loading screen switching, and photo sessions.

Please note that the app has been tested for compatibility with Android 4.4 and above. However, we cannot guarantee that it will operate correctly on all devices above this version. To check the list of compatible devices, please visit this link:

For Android OS 6.0 and up, you will be asked to grant permission for two items while using the app: call management and access to your contacts. You will have to grant these permissions if you wish to receive push notifications. If you reject them, you will not receive push notifications, but you can still play the game normally. You can reset these settings in your device settings, even if you rejected them before.

Introducing Square Enix's newest magic battle RPG! A new story unfolds in the popular novel "The Irregular at Magic High School"! The main story has been supervised by the original author Tsutomu Satou himself! The storyline is accompanied by his unique and exciting original screenplay.

Join in the action and fight in thrilling magic battles alongside your favorite characters from the beloved "The Irregular at Magic High School" novels. A new character "Mayaka Zero (CV: Maaya Uchida)", who admires her elder brother (the player), will be introduced as an original character.

In the year 2095AD, a man named Zero with the last name "Reino" and his sister Mayaka transferred to National Magic University affiliated First High School. "Reino", which includes Zero, who was erased from history due to his involvement in forbidden magic technology research, is the family with the research conducted in secrecy. They have acquired a rare and exceptional external magic called "Magika Booster". To validate the usefulness of Magic Amplification, Mayaka's brother transferred to First High School and will work together with Tatsuya and Miyuki. However, due to their peculiar abilities, various conspiracies are being hatched to target the Reino siblings. They begin fighting alongside their fellow First High School classmates in order to build relationships and deepening bonds with them. This is the beginning of their epic journey.

Enjoy the magical battles with simple controls! Tap the character whose action gauge is full to use their magic attack. Tapping multiple characters in a row leads to increased damage based on the number of chains. Flick the character with "SPECIAL" gauge full to unleash powerful special moves.

In "The Irregular at Magic High School: C.A.R.D. Game", players can set "C.A.R.D.s" with different abilities such as attributes and skills for each character, including the beloved characters from the original novels. Choose the most effective strategy for each mission and battle. Additionally, some "C.A.R.D.s" allow costume changes!

Deepen your bonds with your fellow classmates through communication! Interact with magical characters like Tatsuya and Miyuki, develop their personalities and build lasting relationships with them. As you become closer to your classmates, there may even be a rare harem development that occurs, something uncommon in the original novels. Download "The Irregular at Magic High School: C.A.R.D. Game" now and start your magical journey!
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