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Magnifico is a region-based board game where players bid at auctions for Da Vinci's inventions, leading battles with new technologies to dominate 16th century Europe.

If board games like Risk catch your fancy, then Magnifico is a game that will definitely cater to your preferences. In fact, even if you are generally fond of board games or similar gameplay, this one will have you hooked. The Wargamer has recommended this game and appreviewcentral can't stop raving about it either. Digitally Downloaded has gone ahead and said that it is better than Risk. Magnifico is essentially a game wherein players face various economic and military challenges while attempting to dominate 16th century Europe. Victory Points are to be earned via careful placement of troops, construction of fortifications, and invasion of enemy regions. The auction system in the game allows you to bid and acquire Da Vinci's inventions, including flying machines, tanks, bombards, cannons and a host of others. It is a risk versus reward situation here; you need a perfect balance of both to succeed. Special weapons in the game include the Great Cannon, Submarines, Armoured Ships, Paratroopers and more. In the region-based map, players compete for control of Europe. Victory points are awarded for most castles, territories, technologies, being the Magnifico, etc. There is also a single player mode available in the game against up to 3 AI players, selected from a choice of 10 AI characters with their own play style. Magnifico is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and Chinese. The game is a brilliant depiction of Da Vinci's inventions and works of art, where players can build castles, tanks, aircraft and much more. Infantry, tanks and aircraft can be upgraded with new technologies to increase reliability and combat power. However, players need to be careful about using wondrous technologies, as tanks can explode while fighting battles. The game has an in-depth tutorial and a detailed manual to guide players through the gameplay. Magnifico is an adaptation of the popular board game "Da Vinci's Art of War - Magnifico", created by Spartaco Alberatrelli.
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