Magnet Crusher

Game overview

Control your puck with magnets to blast enemies in Adventure, Arcade, and Survival Mode. Master levels and use abilities to win. Survive and lead week's leaderboard.

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Skilfully control your puck and defeat your enemies with the help of your magnets in this thrilling game. The key is to use the magnet's pulling force to expertly dodge, weave and create distance between you and the incoming threat until you can attack and obliterate your opponents. It's not only about brute strength, but also about strategy and focus. Luckily, you can gain access to various special abilities as rewards, which will help you face the waves of foes with confidence.

🔥 Adventure Mode
Embark on an epic journey and conquer all 40 challenging levels that span across 4 different worlds. If you master all the levels, you will unlock some secret stages and receive special rewards. As the game progresses, gear up for even more massive challenges as you face intense boss fights.

🔥 Arcade Mode
Take on all your enemies one by one and survive several waves. Do you have what it takes to stay alive and appear on the leaderboard as one of the best players of the week? Go ahead and aspire to become part of the all-time leaderboard.

🔥 Survival Mode
Enemy after enemy keeps appearing, becoming more and more dangerous. Will you be able to hold your ground and survive as long as possible? Remain calm and focused to endure this never-ending challenge, and gather up all the necessary powers to help you stay alive.

Use your varied abilities to suit your playing style, equip yourself with a unique appearance and compete against others weekly to earn exciting rewards. With more than 40 levels, various boss fights, and the magnetic forces, will you become the master of this game? Play now to find out!
Release date
Apr 06, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Magnet Crusher: The Arcade Shmup Where You Use... MAGNETS? - Ultra Co-opUltra C
Magnet Crusher - TrailerTocc Games
Magnet Crusher - Early PC GameplayTocc Games
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