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Play as Barry and join a deadly mage tournament against powerful mages to fulfill your dream of becoming a mage in an interactive DnD-inspired text adventure game.

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Magium is an interactive story game with elements inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. The game takes you on an adventure as Barry, an ordinary man who enters a mage tournament with powerful mages to accomplish his lifelong dream of becoming a mage himself. Your choices throughout the game directly affect the story's outcome, and a bad choice can even lead to death. In addition to traditional interactive story choices, Magium also features stats that you can upgrade with points received throughout the game. These stats are checked periodically to see if they are high enough to enable certain actions. For example, a high Ancient Languages stat allows you to understand conversations between animals and monsters.

The story begins at the onset of the tournament after you and other participants are transported to the continent where the tournament is held. The setting is a medieval fantasy universe with futuristic magical devices leftover from a technologically advanced civilization that fell hundreds of years ago. The world in which the story unfolds is influenced by Dungeons and Dragons, and you will recognize similarities, particularly related to the magic system if you have played DnD before.

You will make new acquaintances and foes as the story evolves, gaining more knowledge about the continent and its denizens. Six hundred years ago, a person known as The Creator established multiple utopias where humans and animals coexisted in harmony, and food was created from magic. Unfortunately, you will witness the fall of these utopias, several of which are on the brink of collapse. You can determine what occurs in these cities based on the choices you make, and you can even opt to save certain utopias if you wish.

The game has six or seven books, each with over one hundred thousand words. The first book is accessible for free and is roughly 178k words long, including all potential story paths. The average duration of a playthrough is approximately 90k words, roughly 350 pages in a book. The second book is already accessible but must be unlocked by either paying to access it or completing 25 of 35 available accomplishments.

The second book is 277k words in total, on all paths. On one path, you should see approximately 140k words, equivalent to 550 book pages. The remaining books will be available in the same manner as the second, published chapter by chapter.

Agnes Landgraf created the game's icon, and you may follow the game's progress on either their Facebook or Twitter account.
Magium Games
Release date
Aug 01, 2016

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