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Battle with puzzles, power up with gear, conquer stages, and uncover a mysterious story in this RPG featuring home customization, skill choices, and many facilities/tools.

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■ Enjoy Fast-paced Battles Through Simple Puzzles
Unleash your power by connecting 3 pieces in a row to deal massive damage.
Initially, the battles are uncomplicated, but as you progress, matching colors triggers diverse effects that make the game more enthralling.
You also can store colors to perform extraordinary attacks or shuffle and transform a disadvantageous situation to your advantage.
These thrilling puzzles require quick thinking with no dull moments.

■ Diverse Ways to Boost Your Power
Empower yourself by wearing weapons, armor, and accessories, each with unique properties.
If your stats are below par, defeating strong creatures will be an uphill task.
To make progress, you must switch job classes, allocate gifts, and chart a course that matches your preferences.

■ Captivating Stages
Explore various locations, including areas with torrential downpours that limit your movement and caves that need light to navigate.
As you progress, you will discover hidden treasures and new environments, presenting new challenges and exciting rewards.

■ Compelling Story
A world filled with extraordinary circumstances awaits you.
Undertake a journey to discover new allies with their private agendas.
Your principal objective is to defeat the Demon King, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.
You will unveil even more mysteries, unravel the reality behind the world and mingle with unsavory characters offering conflicting interests.

■ Home Base
Invest in a home once you have the resources.
Furnish it with enticing furniture and gain extraordinary benefits, including a stand that summons companions to join the battle.

■ Customize Your Skills
Mix and match skill combinations as you insert pieces onto the skill board.
There are diverse board shapes to choose from, allowing you to customize your gameplay style.

■ Multifaceted Facilities
Aside from item and equipment shops, there are various establishments such as pawnshops, extraction shops, lottery shops, step count shops, fish exchange shops, and arenas.
Get rewards by purchasing or exchanging items at these facilities.

■ A Range of Tools
As you progress, various tools become available, including torches, items allowing you to skip sections of stages, hints, new gifts and a compendium where enemy drops are visible.
Eating ingredients from enemies may even yield surprising effects.
keizo morishige
Release date
Nov 10, 2019

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