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Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero

Game overview

Save Flotia with Ariel, the Magical Girl and her long-distance magic. Customize battles with amazing pixel looks and complete your combo with SSS level magic.

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Magic is my weapon to defend the world!"

Darklin, a grasping deity, devastated Flotia, a world stripped of any trace of life.

As her final gesture, Elysia, the deity of harmony, granted a final attempt to save Flotia.

Ariel, a sorceress, has taken up the challenge to rescue this stunning world by leaving on her broomstick to start her adventure.

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#SideScrolling #AutomaticCombat #LongDistanceMagic #TrainingTree

■ Realize super-swift advancement even when you are not playing, with Idle RPG!

Do a damage of 10 million within a day; it's natural!

Experience quicker levels and zones that evolve in 24 hours idle gratifications!

■ SSS level Beauty and Magic for your own 8-bit damsel!

Choose from 16 types of magic and various orbs and outfits to form your very own magic combo!

Select from various sensational pixelated looks to fit your liking, be it Maid, Angel, or even Bunny Girl!

Show off your potent long-range spells and impress everyone!

Enhance your fight plan by parting performance and character; revel in twice the fun with marvelous combats!

■ Establish your heroine's power with uncomplicated one-touch drill!

Eliminate concerns about where to invest; obtain all the stats you require with just one tap of a button!

Reaching the "Legendary" level has never been so simple before!

Savor unadulterated idle playability!

■ Provoke endless growth with four-stage equipment bespelling?

Reveal the prowess hidden inside your heroine every day!

The more you infuse your equipment with magic, the more commanding your sorcery skills and more destructive your damage output becomes!

Experience the sterling growth of a sorceress with stunning abilities and dynamic looks!

■ Ignite your odyssey in a fresh realm!

Boss hunts, detailed exploration, Monster's Nest, and much more await you thanks to the 9 battle modes!

Break free from limitations and observe the rewards that start to flood in!

Say good-bye to puzzling games; clear anything with pleasant idle play!
Super Planet
Release date
Sep 15, 2023
Single player

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